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The Inclusion Support Program aims to build the capacity and capability of educators to address participation barriers for all children through implementing quality inclusive practices.

KU and Cairns and District Child Care Development Association Inc, are proud to deliver Inclusion Support QLD as part of the Inclusion Support Program.

New Inclusion Podcast

Inclusion Support QLD’s Let’s Talk Inclusion Podcast aims to build the capacity and capability of educators to implement quality inclusive practices by encouraging them to reflect on their practice and inspiring them to implement practical strategies to support the inclusion of all children.

Understanding Inclusion

“Inclusion is an important ‘big idea’ but it is also a hands on, every day, very practical process that is lived out moment by moment.”

- Dr Kathy Cologan (2021)

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Boy resting sensory resources

Specialist Equipment Library

The Specialist Equipment Library provides eligible early childhood education and care services with access to a range of resources, free of charge, to increase their capacity and capability to provide quality inclusive practices and address participation barriers.

Professional Learning

Professional learning opportunities build educators’ confidence, skills and knowledge around inclusion and support them on their inclusion journey.


Latest News, Updates and Stories about Inclusion in Action

Could you use a Duyan?

Blackwater Community Childcare Centre borrowed a sensory pod through Specialist Equipment Library for use in the Kindergarten environment. This led to Duyans popping up all over the service to support children to self-regulate.

Sensory swing