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Could you use a Duyan?

25 January 2023

Blackwater Community Childcare Centre borrowed a sensory pod through Specialist Equipment Library for use in the Kindergarten environment. The pod was to be used as a quiet space for children seeking a retreat to self-regulate.

The challenge was to find a safe space to hang the pod in the room. Educators in the Kindergarten space decided that it was safer to use the pod in the outdoor space as there was plenty of room and trees that could be used to hang the pod. The educators noticed that the pod was very popular among all the age groups that shared the same outdoor space, and this became an issue as children had to wait for long periods of time to have a turn on the pod.

One of the educators decided to make a “Duyan”. A Duyan is similar to a hammock and is used in the Philippines to support babies to sleep. These are made out of large sheets or material, and they are typically hung from low ceilings. Mothers place their babies in the Duyan and gently rock them to sleep. When babies are placed in the Duyan it provides a similar feeling to being in the womb providing baby warmth and comfort.

After creating a few Duyan’s educators noticed that a lot of the children started using this space as a place to escape from the noise and self-regulate. Some children who display challenging behaviours began to use this space regularly. Educators began setting up books and sensory toys in this space. While the sensory pod had to be returned, the Duyan continues to be included within the outdoor environment.

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