The Specialised Equipment Library (SEL) provides resources to eligible early childhood education and care services (ECEC) services to improve their capacity and capability to provide quality inclusive practices, and address participation barriers so children with additional needs can be included alongside their typically developing peers.

Types of Equipment

Equipment available from the Specialised Equipment Library may include (but is not limited to):

  • Portable ramps to create access to the environment
  • Standing frames and full support swings to allow a child with high physical needs to participate in the daily program and activities
  • Hoists, slings, harnesses, change tables, toilet seats or steps, potty chairs, mobile stools and seating or posture aids for educators to assist them to lift and transfer children safely when carrying out basic care functions
  • Specialised inclusion toys such as switch toys
  • Specialised furniture such as chairs, tables and desks
  • Communication cards or charts, and Auslan dictionaries to enable the child and educators to communicate effectively

    Identifying the need for SEL and applying for inclusion supports

    Step 1: Contact your local Inclusion Hub

    If you do not have contact details for your local Inclusion Hub please contact us toll free on 1800 811 039 or via email

    Step 2: Complete a SIP in collaboration with your Inclusion Professional

    The Inclusion Professional will generate a record for the ‘Strategic Inclusion Plan’ (SIP) and issue a Letter of Introduction for your service. Each service site will have one SIP. Where a service does not have the necessary infrastructure to support the IS Portal, a paper-based SIP is available.
    The SIP is the first step to accessing support from the program and your Inclusion Professional will assist your service to complete your SIP.

    Step 3: Is specialised equipment library required?

    If the SIP identifies that specialised equipment would support your service to include all children the IA will assist you to access the SEL.

    Specialised Equipment Catalogue