A new IS Portal has been developed as part of the Inclusion Support Programme (ISP). The new IS Portal is a user-friendly, simplified web-based application to facilitate ECCC services’ interaction with the ISP. It provides step-by-step guidance for services to complete an online Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP), and if required, access funding through the Inclusion Development Fund (IDF).

Eligible services can seek funded support through the IS Portal using their registered AUSkey. Key requirements for accessing the IS Portal are:

  • Each IS Portal user must be listed as an authorised or key person for the ECCC service on the CCMS Personnel Records AND have a unique email address that is not shared between other personnel records for different people.
  • Each person/s responsible for accessing the IS Portal in the ECCC service must have an AUSkey.

The Inclusion Agency can grant access to the IS Portal for the first user in the service, who has an AUSKey and unique email address, and then the first user can provide access to additional users for the service.

Further information about how to access the IS Portal has been provided by the IDFM Website.